Online CRM puts customer data at your finger-tips,
wherever you access the web

Giving each customer the WOW factor is key to business success and the BlueCamroo CRM system can help you deliver. Some studies say it costs up to 10x as much to acquire a new customer as to retain an existing one, so why not have a system in place that can give your entire team the information they need to deliver great service.

Provide better service to your profitable customers

With the right CRM solution, businesses will find it easy to access important information on their accounts and provide better service.

Every business has their VIP customers which they will apply more resources too and speak to more often. With BlueCamroo you can be sure that your VIP customers are well taken care of.

Manage and improve your marketing and sales efforts

With an extensive amount of customer data being stored in BlueCamroo, your sales and marketing teams will be able to give your customers the experience they deserve and help your business sell more.

Improve relationships with key account contacts

Day to day business will always present more contacts and there is no better way to organize these contacts and keep in touch than through BlueCamroo’s CRM.

Not only can you keep important contact information, you can also track each call, email, task and more, giving you insight into what’s happened since you first met.

Don't just network with your clients - social network!

Do your customers spend less time on the golf course and more time on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook? BlueCamroo's Social Network Scout lets you follow and engage your customers across multiple social networks. Keep logs of client Tweets and wall posts. Social Network Scout gives you a detailed, personal picture of the people you're doing business with and helps you fine tune your approach and sales pitch.