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Need business software? Single-Purpose vs. Business Platform

By: Tomek Maszkiewicz 1/28/2022 8:30 AM

SMBs are evolving and they’re looking to technology to improve efficiency and to supplement their core competitive advantages. The global labor market is rapidly changing with remote work becoming the new normal, a process that was further accelerated by the global effect of COVID-19, and it is driving businesses towards adoption of new digital technologies.

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Top 12 Benefits of Workflow Automation

By: Tomek Maszkiewicz 4/3/2018 12:30 PM

Automating your office workflows can make a real impact on productivity and morale within your organization and ultimately on your company’s bottom line. This procedure requires in-depth examination of your current business processes and expert evaluation of the areas in which you can increase efficiency by integrating automated workflows into your business.

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6 Features Every CRM Should Have

By: Tomek Maszkiewicz 3/6/2018 2:16 PM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions allow businesses to establish and maintain strong relationships with sales leads and customers for the ultimate purpose of driving sales and increasing profitability.

CRM software also collects and processes customer data to help businesses identify trends and make more informed business decisions. If you're thinking about selecting a new CRM solution for your business, here are six features every CRM should offer.

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This is How Dependencies Make Your Projects Successful

By: Tomek Maszkiewicz 1/18/2018 10:00 AM

When dependencies work correctly, there is a logical flow from one stage to the next and from one task to the next task. This provides invaluable help to your business by managing your ongoing activities and making sure that projects are completed in the most efficient and practical ways possible. 

The relationships created by logical dependencies can be used to propel your project forward and lets you work proactively to resolve any issues before they derail your schedule.

Project Management

10 Must-Have Features for Your Project Management Software

By: Tomek Maszkiewicz 12/6/2017 4:09 PM

Integrating project management software into your everyday project workflows provides your company with a real competitive edge in managing all aspects of your ongoing activities. But there is a wide gap in functionality between various project management programs. So, knowing which features actually make your work life better and improve your overall profitability is extremely important.

Here are ten (10) essential features, and a few extras as an added bonus, that can help you manage your projects more effectively.

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