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Consolidate your Lead & Customer Data

CRM helps businesses to build better relationships with customers and increase their bottom line.

BlueCamroo CRM is the foundation for the entire BlueCamroo platform and the base framework for every other BlueCamroo component, truly making it a company-wide solution.

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Take Control of Your Sales Cycle

BlueCamroo Sales is an advanced extension to our CRM with added marketing features.

It allows for increased sales productivity, customizable task and process automation, exposing cross-selling opportunities, enhanced view of multiple sales pipelines, scrutinize sales forecasting and revenue analysis, allowing for charting sales activities across entire organization while helping companies to grow and scale efficiently.

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Stop Struggling with Project Management Processes

BlueCamroo Projects is one of the most powerful, versatile, and easy to use Project Management software on the market.

Add structure around your projects and improve performance, productivity and enhance problem resolution process while reducing costs and workload.

Plan it, budget it and monitor it!

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Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

Maintaining good relationship with your customers is almost a ‘guarantee’ for them to come back to get more.

BlueCamroo Support extension offers your clients a chance to communicate with you anyway they want, easily document interactions and assign tasks, leverage your team’s knowledge base with a user-friendly self-service interface.

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Get it all and save!

Take advantage of a single fully-integrated system architected to work more efficiently than a cluster of stitched together single-purpose applications, while also delivering better data security, is easier to learn, adopt, use and manage, and is less expensive.

BlueCamroo Complete also allows you to manage your customer’s entire lifecycle.

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Latest Blog Posts

Create, Manage and Make the Most of Customer Data - Part 2

By: Esteban Castellanos 4/6/2022 5:00 AM

In the first part of this series, we went over how to set up a company up to intake data, and then actually executing it. But now that all this data is coming in, what can be done with it?Living in the world of Big Data means there’s more information that can be looked up in a lifetime on almost any topic, and customers are no exception.

Business Intelligence, Workflow Automation

What Did They Say?!

  • We love BlueCamroo, it runs our business! It is the most integral tool our team uses to run an efficient, profitable business that delivers excellent client results!

    CEO & Owner WEB Lead Generator — Toronto, Ontario

  • As a digital agency 100% involved in the success of our customers, we need to keep our business under control : continuously fee d our funnel, convert new customers, upsell existing customers, manage projects, track time, support customers…

    BlueCamroo is covering all our needs and is now our unique collaborative solution.

    CEO & Owner FGP Solutions — Strasbourg, France

  • BlueCamroo has been a great Partner. When we first started working with them we were charting new waters in our industry. They provided great guidance on how to exceed our customer's expectations as well as include functionality and interface what would scale.

    President Dual Green Consulting — Austin, Texas

  • Over the past seven years, BlueCamroo has been a critical partner to our success. From managing our unique customer requirements to building additional software tools that integrate with BlueCamroo. If you need a CRM that has great flexibility, scalability and a team with a can-do attitude, BlueCamroo is your go to CRM.

    Director of Enrollment Services Beneport — Clearwater, Florida

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