Welcome to BlueCamroo.

The Software Solution That Simplifies Work.

  • That unifies your CRM, Projects and Support into one system
  • That helps you oversee your client's entire lifecycle
  • That streamlines your business and automates your processes
  • That lets you pay for only the features you need
  • That gives you control over your business like never before
  • That brings efficiency and transparency to your business
The Building Blocks To Transform Your Business

CRM Free

The foundation for the entire BlueCamroo platform. Track your client’s entire journey from when you first make contact, through your deals with them and into every upselling opportunity and more. Always free for up to 4 users and it’s included in any of the extensions.

Sales & Marketing

In addition to CRM Free your users would have access to advanced sales tools that can enhance the experience of your customers and sales numbers. Get access to Invoicing, Time Tracking, Automation, and more.


Deliver your projects on time and on budget with the right tools at your hand. Empower your team with the collaboration tools they need to manage your resources, stay on the right track and deliver on time.


Service your customers better by streamlining your interactions in one place. Make sure your team is collaborating and working from a knowledge base that gives your customers consistent and helpful advice.


Oversee and run your entire business from one place. Combine CRM Free, Sales & Marketing, Projects, and Support in one package. Perfect for Senior Executives who want to keep an eye on everything or for employees who have to wear a lot of hats. See how it can work for you.

Follow the latest trend and switch from paying for multiple single-purpose application and adopt a fully integrated business management software.

Better yet, pay only for the features you need