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Dealing with a small software company or an artisan software company?
Sometimes we're conditioned to think companies ignore suggestions. When companies do respond it's both delightful and maybe a little disarming. I've been struggling with the Microsoft Surface. It was a Christmas gift. (Thank you, guilt-ridden divorced dads of the world!) I tilted between returning it and keeping it. I've largely concluded it's about finding new ways to do things I'm comfortable doing in Android. At some point I used the feedback link on an app and the developer got back to me within hours. I didn't expect that. If our suggestions are actually being read, we generally just assume they're kind of collected and synthesized in a kind of zen like way and then, maybe, eventually, we'll see something not entirely resembling our most cherished feature request.
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Published on: 1/28/2013 11:46
Power up your Twitter profile page for more followers
You want people to follow you. The best way to get someone to follow you is to follow them first. Or re-tweet or favorite something they've tweeted. Or do all three. I've said it before here in the Roo blog but let me repeat: sometimes the best way for people to think you're interesting is if you find them interesting first. Following, re-tweeting, and favoriting tweets is one way to signal such interest. But that's only step one. People do not spend much time deciding who to follow back. There's a considerable body of research in both traditional marketing and online marketing about the very, very small window of opportunity you have to get someone's attention.
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Published on: 12/7/2012 08:59
CamGuRoo Tips: Contacts
People belong to different organizations, and older CRMs would never allow you to record those relationships properly. BlueCamroo deals with the real world and gives you tools to manage those relationships properly--but how can you do that without first capturing the relationship?
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Published on: 11/19/2012 09:29